Travel Itinerary 19th September – 11th October 2015

  • Boston 19th – 22nd September
  • Hartford, Connecticut 23rd September
  • Red Hook, Hudson Valley 24th – 27th September
  • New York  28th – 30th September
  • Philadelphia  1st – 2nd October
  • Washington DC 3rd – 6th October
  • Chattanooga, Tennessee 7th – 9th October
  • Boston 10 -11th October

Libraries to visit

  1. Boston Public Library
  2. Hartford Public Library
  3. Red Hook Public Library
  4. New York Public Library  – Stephen A. Schwarzman BuildingBronx Library Center, others tbc
  5. The Free Library of Philadelphia
  6. Washington DC Public Library
  7. Chattanooga Public Library

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