4 days to go!

There’s only 4 days to go before I fly out to Boston this Saturday. I’ve spent my spare time over the last couple of weeks making final arrangements – hopefully I’m just about there now.

All travel arrangements have been made, ESTA application approved, travel money card topped up, final appointments confirmed and presentation written.

I’m using a great travel itinerary app called TripIt to put all of my meetings, travel tickets, maps, directions and accommodation details in one place. My flights and AirBnB details can sync to TripIt and it all syncs to my Google Calendar as well. This also means that my family can see where I am which is useful too.

Next I’m going to see if I can pack everything into a carry on case and small shoulder bag. Everybody seems to think this idea will be quite a challenge but I’m hoping it will be very practical as I have lots of different travel connections and changes of accommodation. To help with the downsizing I’m also taking mini tech in the form of an iPad mini and keyboard rather than my laptop, a Kindle, my iPhone and a pocket sized camera. Using a mini keyboard is a new learning experience but I’m hoping that I’ll improve at it. Importantly I’ve sorted some dual voltage straighteners – some things just can’t be left at home!


6 thoughts on “4 days to go!

  1. Suggest that you print out all your details somewhere in paper form so that you always have them in case of tech and battery failures, and keep the paper form with you. That includes your emergency numbers, flight details and passport number. Make sure Skype is installed and working on your iPad mini so that you can use wifi to phone home and put some charge on your Skype account so that you can call US phone numbers using Skype-to-phone – this will cost you pennies rather than using your mobile over there, so get a headphone set with a microphone. Pack teabags if you like a proper brew in the morning. Have an amazing time!


    • Thanks Martin, I’m printing everything out as well, and I have everything saved to Evernote – all those libraries there’s bound to be a public computer I can use. Fingers crossed for no tech failures though! I’ve invested in a Teleway SIM which should give me unlimited data, UK and US calls and texts on my phone but I should look into Skype too. I hadn’t thought of teabags but will go and pack some right now! Last bit – I’ll try to 😉


  2. I do agree about Skype and about putting some credit on it before you go. I’d also recommend using Siri to input text when you’re doing emails et cetera. So much easier than typing on the keyboard not to mention quicker. I find it’s pretty accurate although punctuation tends to go by the wayside.


      • I’ve had to use it recently because I had a sore hand and I’m really quite impressed. Best I think to do it sentence by sentence and press done after each one, unless you’re someone who naturally thinks in paragraphs. It does need a little bit of time to get used to the sound of your voice and you get some bizarre suggestions at times. And you need a bit of time to get used to it and probably a bit of privacy. I have used it to leave both these comments and only made a couple of corrections so it’s at least as accurate as my typing.

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